Since day one, Mike’s Auto Body has made philanthropy a priority and consistently reaches out to help people and organizations in every community in which they do business. The company has helped numerous organizations over the years with generous donations, including their well-known Benevolence Program, in which the company has donated 46 cars in 13 years to deserving families and non-profit organizations.

Starting in 2001, Mike’s Auto Body began giving “new” used cars to people in need. The very first recipient was a single mom with two children. The presentation of this first vehicle gained a ton of local media attention and created a buzz throughout the entire Bay Area. Reporter Wayne Freedman from Channel 7 KGO News came to record the presentation and broadcasted the story on the evening news. Since then, the Channel 7 KGO News has covered every presentation since 2001 to help kick off the holiday season and spread the Christmas spirit. After that first year, Mike’s Auto Body’s Benevolence Program really started to take off and quickly became a tradition every Christmas season.

Mike’s Auto Body is very proud of all the vendors, technicians, and insurance partners who have helped to make this program an unprecedented success. The vendors donate products and their services; the technicians at Mike’s Auto Body donate their time and skills and the insurance companies donate the vehicles. The vehicles donated are considered totaled, but by refurbishing them and returning them back to their pre-accident condition before being given to deserving individuals, families and non-profits, they’re just like new.

Mike’s Auto Body started the presentations in 2001-2006 at their Concord location and one year in Brentwood. Then in 2007, the company began holding the presentations at their Pittsburg location for two years, before settling on its Antioch location, where they currently take place.